About Us

It has always been my dream to design and build things from scratch.  I started by making things for myself, which led to making gifts for family members, which then progressed into making and selling items to friends and local vendors.  Now I would like to share my work with the world!

One of my first creations was a Christmas gift for my father.  I wanted a beautiful presentation box for one of his guns, and I could not find anything on the market that met my standards.  I set out to make it myself, and after trial and error, and a few months of work, I made this beautiful box completely by hand.


After posting online and receiving positive feedback, we set out to buy the right tools, and quality materials to set the bar high and corner the market for one of a kind gifts. 

Everything is handcrafted in house, and I pride myself on trying to stay all natural by not using any stain nor varnish on my wood products.  Most of our products are made from one chunk of wood, and in some cases we actually cut the wood directly from tree branches. 

The sky is the limit for what we are capable of making, so let your imagination run wild and let us make your vision a reality.

Eddie Villarreal